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Looking for a used iPod that wonít break the bank? Whether you want a Classic Used iPod or the new Touch iPod, youíve come to the right place. Thereís no need to search from site to site looking for used iPods for sale, when theyíre all conveniently located in one place, and at the best price possible. Make sure to follow our Used iPod Buying tips.
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New and Used iPods and iPod accessories at AMAZING prices! is recognized as a leading information and sales portal of new and used iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano AND an array of iPod accessories. Our iPod resource pages and used iPod information tips are some of the finest on the internet. We will help ensure your new or used iPod purchase is a pleasant one. Visit our iPod Buying Tips, then select an iPod from the thousands of used iPods available.

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See ALL Touch iPods nowAll Touch iPods:

The amazing iPod Touch!

Find the exact iPod Touch you're searching for. See the largest inventory of iPod Touch MP3 players anywhere!

See ALL 4th Generation Touch iPods now4th Generation iPod Touch:

The newest of the iPod Touch is available now! This has the insanely cool FaceTime ability! Choose from 8gb iPod Touch up to a 64gb iPod Touch... all at great price s!

See ALL Nano iPods nowAll Shuffle iPods:

iPod Shuffle for people on the go! Buy a 1st Generation used iPod Shuffle with 512mb or a 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle with up to 4gb of memory.

See ALL Shuffle iPods now

4th Generation iPod Shuffle:

The newest iPod Shuffle is available now! This shuffle is small, light weight, and has a handy clip. The 4th Generation iPod Shuffle is only available in 2gb, and is available in many colors.

See ALL Nano iPods nowAll Nano iPods:

Five Generations of Nano iPods.

Find just the right iPod Nano here and at prices that can't be beat! You'll be amazed at our inventory of Nano iPods.

See ALL Classic iPods nowAll Classic iPods:

The iPod that started it all!

Looking for an iPod Classic for sale? Choose a 5gb iPod Classic up to a 160gb iPod Classic at a great price!

See ALL Mini iPods nowAll Mini iPods:

The compact iPod Mini

Order the 1st Generation 4gb iPod Mini or the 2nd Generation 6gb iPod Mini which comes in 4 vibrant colors.

Find and Compare which iPod is best for you!Side-By-Side iPod Comparison:

Compare iPod models. Determine which generation, features, upgrades, and storage sizes meet your needs. is your UnOfficial New and Used iPod Resource.

Selecting your used iPod is made easy with our detailed information and tips pages. will help you identify the different types of used iPod models available. A "must read"page is our iPod Buying Tips and our Side by Side Comparison page. When it comes to finding an AMAZING deal on a used iPod, is THE authority.

Below are the best selling iPods:

In the iPod Nano category, itís an iPod Nano 4th Generation that is our current best seller. Following a very close second is the used iPod Nano 3rd Generation, then the IPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Nano 1st Generation with the 5th and 6th iPod Generations trailing the iPod board.

When it comes to the iPod Touch itís hands down the used iPod Touch 3rd Generation iPod thatís the top seller, but pretty much any 3G iPod Touch is a slam dunk. A used iPod Touch 1st Generation also sells very well. Consumers tend to lean towards the new high end 32gb or 64gb iPod Touch, on the flip side we also see consumers buying the less expensive 1st Generation 8gb used iPod Touch as a way to enter the iPod Touch market.

The used iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation is again in 1st place among new and used iPod Shuffle sales, with the iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation still holding on to a distant 2nd place. Following closely behind is the used iPod Shuffle 1st Generation and in last place is the iPod Shuffle 4th Generation. These statistics are based on new and used sales. We are certain the iPod Shuffle 4th Generation will gain strength as it has more time in the market

The used iPod Classic has seen an even stream of growth for new and used iPod sales over the years. The used iPod Classic 30gb, 80gb, 120gb and 160gb are definitely our top sellers. The iPod Classic has seen a steady growth right from the beginning of the iPod Classic 1st Generation all the way though the 6th Generation iPod. So whether youíre buying an iPod Classic 2nd Generation, an iPod Classic 3rd, 4th, or 5th Generation you just canít go wrong! © 2009-2013


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